Hornymatch Vs Sexsearch, my personal comparison between the two adult dating sites

With Hornymatch I managed to hook up with two women to get laid with in the first three months of joining the paid member’s area.

With Sexsearch I managed to hook up with eight women to get laid with in the first three months of joining the paid member’s area.

The hornymatch website appears to be quite amateurish compared to most adult dating sites, I also find it allot harder to navigate around the site, when I’m looking for certain things, plus they seem to have too many advertisements.

Sexsearch’s website is very professional looking, easy to navigate and clear from any advertisements.

Hornymatch And Fake Profiles

Hornymatch has too many fake profiles, and allot of scammers pretending to be women in foreign countries who email you asking for money, after giving you a sad story of their life, in the hope you will part with your hard earned cash. {DO NOT FALL FOR THESE EMAILS, THEY ARE SCAMS}.

Sexsearch also has a few fake profiles and there are also some scammers on this site, but sexsearch does have a team going through accounts and deleting all suspect scammers they find, which helps to keep these down to a minimum. But you will find scams and fake profiles on all adult dating and mainstream dating sites, but the professional sites will clear these as soon as they are found or reported.

Hornymatch claims to have over seven million members wordwide to get laid with, I can’t confirm or deny this, but I would think there are allot less than they claim, due to the amount of emails I received from other members when I was a paid member, compared to the other adult dating sites I belong to.

Sexsearch claim to have over fifteen million members worldwide to get laid with, and again I can’t confirm or deny this either, but I did receive a hell of allot more emails from interested members than I did from hornymatch, and allot more dates too.

After been with hornymatch for three months and getting only two dates and not being impressed with the site at all, I decided to cancel my membership. But with sexsearch I carried on with my membership, and now I’ve been a member for well over a year, and I’ve had well over sixty dates.

So in my opinion Sexsearch is far more superior than Hornymatch and well worth the membership fee’s, and is the outright winner between the two.

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