Hi, Jon here

I put this blog together because I love sex and just cant get enough of it, I suppose you could class me as a male slapper, some people can count how many sexual partners they have had on one or two hands I personaly cant remember how many women I’ve slept with, I lost count years ago.

But in all honesty life’s too short not to do the things you love doing.

So as I stated on my home page, if you really want to get laid tonight, you have to just go for it and hope for the best, a few years ago I had a friend who was not what you would call a good looking bloke, but he was getting sex quite often and not for paying for it,  he would just walk upto women in clubs and ask them straight out if they would like to have sex with him, most of the time he got slapped or told to fuck off, but he did it so often that he always seemed to find one willing woman who would oblige him.

But if you want to be certain of getting laid tonight then join an adult personals dating site. there’s plenty to be found on the Internet, you don’t have to go for the one I recommend, although it has been very successful for me, but at the end of the day the choice is yours.

Also please bear in mind, you don’t have to be good looking to find women or men on these site’s, every member is usually a nymphomaniac dying to have sex with everyone, so don’t forget to use a condom.

So here’s to your success in getting laid tonight and each and every night.

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