Friends With Benefits Rules, 1 to 5

Rule 1: Don’t get serious.

Rule 2: Don’t phone them everyday, they will think you’re desperate.

Rule 3: Don’t buy them gifts every time you see them, they will think you’re after a relationship.

Rule 4: Always tell them you have had a great time, and can’t wait to see them again {but don’t sound desperate}.

Rule 5: Keep it to yourself, no one else ever needs to know.

Friends With Benefits Rules, 6 to 10

Rule 6: Never feel you have to ask them out for dinner or a movie, friends with benefits is all about getting laid .

Rule 7: Use a condom every time.

Rule 8: Never stay the night, it could lead to stronger feelings between one of you.

Rule 9: Never ask them if they would like a threesome, unless you’re 100% sure they will go for it.

Rule 10: Always tell them how great they were in bed, and its the best sex you get.

These friends with benefits rules are not set in stone, but if follow most of these rules you could find yourself with
a fuck buddy for life, and in my opinion you can not get a better relationship than a fuck buddy.

It basically means you don’t have to pay for expensive restaurants, or nights out at the pub or theatre.
You don’t have to go through any nagging and one hundred and one questions when you return home late one night.
And you never have to put up with arguments or jealously.

So follow my Friends With Benefits Rules above and you won’t go far wrong.

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