Ashley Madison Reviews

After reading a few Ashley Madison reviews last month and seeing all the advertisements all over the place I decided to join as a free member to check it out and later became a premium member to see how good this site truly is, this is an adult dating site which is mainly aimed at married people looking to have an affair, and guess what, I’m not married.

But I still managed to get three dates with three lovely ladies who were married and looking for a bit of excitement in there lives. All the Ashley Madison reviews I read, rated them quite highly with no real bad points, and since joining myself I can see why this site is so popular.

Ashley Madison Reviews And Pricing

But there is a flaw in the pricing structure, You can purchase paid membership from $49 to the premium price of $249 and they also have an in between price of $149. I personally would not pay the lowest price because you only get to email twenty people with this option, and believe me it usually takes quite a few more emails to find the right person to arrange a date with.

I went for the $149 membership which worked out great for me, but if you decide to go for the premium membership of $249 then they guarantee that you will find someone to have an affair with or they will refund all your money, which is a win win situation for anyone choosing this option.

In my opinion this is another great adult dating site, and all the Ashley Madison reviews I’ve read seem to paint an accurate picture of this site. You don’t need to be married to become a member, and there are literally millions of worldwide members available to you.

And because this site is aimed at married people who are allready looking to have an affair, you will find it very easy to arrange meetings.

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Update To Ashley Madison Reviews

Just to let you know, its been well over a year since I wrote this post about Ashley Madison, and I’m still a member and I’m still managing to get regular dates from this adult dating site.

So what I’m trying to say is its a very reliable site for meeting women and not just the married one’s. In fact I had a date from this site about two weeks ago with a lady called Caroline, she’s not married but she joined this site to find a no strings attached partner to meet up with now and again for sex.

And I must say I don’t mind helping her out with this at all. I’m glad I wrote this post Ashley Madison reviews if only to help other people thinking about joining to join up, because it really is worth every penny you spend on the membership.